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Alignment and Precision



Flow and Transition


Yin & Restorative

Rejuvenation and Relaxation 

Here are the Stats


Years of Experience

in facilitating the practice of yoga asana, breath work, meditation, and self-inquiry


Classroom Hours

Public classes, private instruction, workshops, and teacher training 


International Retreats

in Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Nepal, and Morocco

What People are Saying

Gigi guides you through a practice that is both emotionally and physically freeing. Her presence and energy are the perfect coupling to a yoga experience that allows you to more deeply connect to yourself.

Alison P. Tugwell
Certified Professional Coach

As a yoga instructor, Gigi brings professionalism, intention, and presence. She's attentive to my poses, breathing and keeps me aware of my mindfulness practice. Additionally, she often provides beautiful quotes from poems and other yoga practitioners, that enhances the experience and leaves me feeling calm and accomplished at the end of each session.

Leah Fleischner
Integrative Leadership Coach

Gigi takes a holistic approach with her yoga teaching style placing strong emphasis on alignment and safety within poses. She listens and observes her students and tailors each session to the skill level and needs of individual students from beginner to advanced. If you’re looking for an experienced teacher who will nurture and challenge your practice, Gigi is the teacher for you! She continues to inspire my practice on and off the mat.

Aimee Huffman
Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor
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